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Man finds black garbage bag with human meat dumped at train station

By Mason White 4:49 PM February 24, 2015
Black garbage bags illustration 

By: Feng Qian
A construction worker found a black garbage bag with human meat at a train station, police in Australia said.

Melbourne Police said that the bag of meat has been discovered at the Syndal Station on Tuesday.

The worker was at a construction site when he spotted the suspicious bag. A spokesperson for the police said that the human remains had been sent for forensic tests.

A car parking garage is being built at the site where the bag of human meat was found.

In February, a restaurant was shut down after health authorities discovered that it was selling human meat, police in Nigeria said. Anambra Police said that the restaurant has been closed after the authorities found that it was selling dishes made with human flesh.

Police recovered at least two fresh human heads when they arrested 11 people at the restaurant, including the owner, six women and four men. Police said that they have received a tip about the restaurant.

Bloodied heads wrapped in cellophane sheets were found during the raid. Officials have also seized two AK-47 guns, other weapons, dozens of rounds of ammunition and several mobile phones.

Police said that roasted human head was on the menu at the restaurant.