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Woman forces girl to wear humiliating shirt telling boys to stay away from her over failing grades

By Mason White 12:05 PM February 25, 2015
Melany Joyce Alexander 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A mother was arrested over the cruel and humiliating punishment with which she chose to discipline her daughter.

The mother of 6 children was arrested after sending her daughter to school with a humiliating shirt.

Melany Joyce Alexander, 30, took a while shirt and wrote a nasty message with a magic marker. She then sent her daughter to school dressed in the shirt.

The message referred to the girl’s bad grades and alluded to her not being allowed to have friends until her grades get better.

Alexander of Brooksville, Florida, implemented the punishment after her daughter received a number of F grades at the West Hernando Middle School.

When school officials ordered the child to remove the shirt, they realized that she had welt marks all over her body.

Police said that the mother beat the girl with a leather belt.

The child was left with marks all over her body. According to police, the girl had marks from her neck down to her legs.

The shirt that the daughter was forced to wear read:
“I currently have all Fs in all of my classes. I am not allowed to have a boyfriend any time soon. So back off before I get another good whooping like I got last night.”

“Also, I can no longer have any friends until all of my Fs are brought up to Cs and up! So unless you are helping me with this goal, back off! My eating French fries and being a social butterfly is over because I know why my parents send me to school. I now know the importance of my education,” the message read.

“I will learn. I will listen to my teachers and be respectful at all times. I will do these things because I am failing due to my social life. Want to be my friend. Help me by not!” The message concludes.

The mother was arrested and was ordered to have no contact with the victim. However, so far, the girl was not placed in protective custody.