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Church slapped with large fine for sounding its bells

By Mason White 5:52 PM February 26, 2015
Church bells illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
The priest of a church in Italy, is angry after receiving a large fine for sounding the bells.

The priest said that he was shocked to receive a 1,300 euro ($1,457) fine because the church bells were too loud.

The priest in Pramaggiore, was fined by the environmental protection agency after it had recorded an intolerable level of noise pollution.

The priest told the parishioners about the fine during Sunday’s prayers. Church members believe that the complaint was filed by an unhappy resident.

“It was probably a citizen who recently came to town,” the priest said. To control the problem and not run into larger penalties, the church has limited the duration of the bell sounds.

“Now is set at just 60 seconds. Experts believe that in this way, we will be able to stay within the authorized noise limits,” the priest added.

Guiseppe Gianotto, the legal representative of the Pramaggiore Church, said that he will fight the fine in court on religious grounds.