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Man sets his home on fire after niece refused to get him more beer

By Mason White 11:33 AM March 1, 2015
Jerome Clemons 

By: Wayne Morin
A fight over beer led a man to set his own home on fire.

Jerome Clemons, 44, of Florida, set his family’s house on fire after his niece refused to give him a ride to a liquor store.

Clemons had allegedly been drinking beer before asking his niece to take him to the store to get more beer.
The two got into an argument after his niece refused to drive him to the store.

When the woman left, Clemons set the corner of the house on fire, slightly damaging it, a garbage can and an ATV.

His brother, who was home at the time, extinguished the fire with a garden hose.

Clemons also burned his arm and was taken to a hospital with second-degree burns before being booked into jail on charges of arson.

This is not the first time that police responded to the home when Clemens was drunk.

Several years ago, he was charged with disorderly conduct after calling police and telling the dispatcher that he had a cold and needed medical attention.

When police arrived, they found Clemons on the sidewalk. He allegedly screamed at the officers and called them “pigs.”