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Woman cheats on husband using his credit card for hotel room

By Mason White 5:16 AM March 2, 2015
Hotel room illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man with a sense of humor left a good rating for a hotel after learning that his wife cheated with her boss at the place.

The jilted husband described in detail how his wife and her boss enjoyed the Westgrove Hotel in Clane, County Kildare, Ireland.

He also warned other partners who want to cheat, that this hotel records all the people in their hotel.

The man learned about his wife’s affair after she used his credit card to pay for the room.

After reviewing surveillance videos and records, the hotel management discovered that the woman and her lover used his credit card, and his money was refunded.

The man wrote: “My wife and her boss enjoyed their room together so much that she stayed in bed with him until checkout. They were well rested after drinking at the bar and having sex in the lovely bath before resuming on the luxurious double bed.”

“All in all, a very good place, but cheaters should know that a record of their stays are documented in detail and archived for over a year,” he added.

“They also provide copies of bookings and invoices for the stays, including bar receipts and movie rentals,” he concluded.