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48-year-old man turned away from bar because he is too old

By Mason White 1:53 PM March 2, 2015
Garth Tomas 

By: Chan Yuan
A man was shocked when he was told that he was too old to enter a nightclub.

42-year-old Garth Tomas of Auckland, New Zealand, is furious that was refused entry into the bar because of his age.

Tomas said that when he got to the bar around 1:00 a.m., he was told that he was too old and that the age limit was 38.

Tomas felt that the bar discriminated against him due to his age. He filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission and the liquor licensing office. He also filed a police report.

Tomas said that he went to “Bar 101” and the bouncer asked for his ID. After looking at the ID for a few moments, he was told that he cannot enter based on his age.

John Lawrenson, who owns the bar, said that his bar does not have an age limit, but they are geared towards university students.

“We are just being responsible and asking the questions,” Lawrenson said.

“Why is a man in his 40s trying to get into a bar full of 18-year-old girls at 2:00 a.m.?” He added.

Lawrenson said that they are investigating the claim made by Tomas, and if the claim is true and a specific comment was made to him about being too old then they will apologize to him.