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Man assaults his neighbor with his bouncing belly

By Mason White 2:22 PM March 2, 2015
Man with big belly illustration 

By: Feng Qian
A man of Ireland, was found guilty of assault for bouncing his belly at a neighbor.

The man was convicted of assaulting an elderly neighbor by using his belly to “bounce” her away from his home.

58-year-old Morrison Wilson told the court that he was simply trying to get the woman off his property during a dispute.

The Belfast Magistrate’s Court heard the that woman was injured when she fell during the incident.

Wilson denied a charge of assault causing actual bodily harm. Wilson said that the victim had been aggressive and was “sticking her nose in his business,” as he spoke to a motorist in front of his house.

He told the court that the woman was waving her hands at him, so he just bounced her away with his belly.

According to the woman, as she walked away from the man, she fell backwards, landing near the tailbone.

Wilson said that he never intended to hurt the woman. “What am I going to do, grab her with my belly?” He said.

The district judge rejected the charge of assault causing actual bodily harm, but found him guilty of a lesser charge of common assault.

Wilson will be sentenced next month.