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Nursing home worker slashes 100-year-old woman’s back because she was frustrated

By Mason White 10:01 AM March 3, 2015
Elderly woman illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A nursing home worker was arrested on charges of assault after slashing the arms and back of an elderly woman because she was frustrated, police in Japan said.

Toyama Police said that they arrested the special care worker on Friday, after being accused of using a knife to inflict cuts on the 100-year-old nursing home patient.

22-year-old Satomi Kamata is suspected of attacking the woman at the Sanjuen Home, leaving her with several shallow cuts on her arms and back.

Kamata admitted to injuring the woman. She told investigators that the woman left her frustrated. The incident came to light when another member of the staff found the wounds on the body of the victim.

After finding more cuts the following day, the nursing home sent the woman to a doctor who called the police. Police said that the victim is almost permanently bedridden and requires constant care from a team of helpers.

Kamata still work as a special care specialist in a different nursing home.