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Student streams live 3-hour sex shows in public libraries while children are present

By Mason White 5:15 PM March 4, 2015

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) Parents in Canada, are outraged after a young woman was caught streaming live sex shows on the Internet, at public libraries with children around.

The woman who went by the online name of lilsecrett, was scene streaming sex shows from several Windsor Public Library locations of over a period of three months.

The woman who appears to be about 20 years old, performed sex acts on herself while sitting on the Riverside and Fontainebleau branches of the library.

During the three months, she streamed at least 52 performances at the libraries, 49 at the Riverside branch and 3 in Fontainebleau.

Some performances lasted up to three hours. The Windsor Police Service said that it has seen the videos, but so far, no charges were filed.

One video shows the woman sending a frightened child away during a performance. After the 7-year-old child left, the woman continued her performance.

During the shows, lilsecrett interacted with an online audience in a chat room on an adult website.

Windsor Public Library CEO Kitty Pope is not aware of any sex shows being broadcast from any branch, but she said a complaint was made about a woman taking pictures of her private parts after which she was asked to leave.