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Businessman crushes guard to death with car for opening gate too slowly

By Mason White 3:47 AM March 6, 2015
Mohammed Nisham 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A businessman was arrested on charges of murder after allegedly crushing a security guard to death with his luxury car for opening a gate too slowly, police in India said.

Kerala Police said that they arrested 39-year-old Mohammed Nisham, after being accused of killing his 50-year-old security guard.

The security guard identified as Chandrabose was rushed to a hospital, where he died after two weeks. The man suffered multiple fractures and heart problems caused by the injuries.

Nisham is the managing director of Kings Group. According to the police investigation, Chandrabose delayed the opening the door of the home where Nisham lives.

Chandrabose tried to escape and jumped on a fountain in front of the doors, but Nisham continued to pursue him. Nisham used his Hummer to crush Chandrabose to death.

The other security guards called an ambulance and the police, who arrested Nisham. Nisham was violent and even threatened to attack the officers.