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Monk gropes woman’s chest because she was born a man

By Mason White 7:30 AM March 5, 2015
The monk touching the woman 

By: Feng Qian
A monk in Thailand, caused outrage after a photo emerged of him groping a woman.

The picture appears to show the Buddhist monk fondling the woman’s chest.

The strict rules of Buddhism, state that monks are not allowed to be alone with a woman, let alone touching them.

The image of the religious leader groping the topless woman has provoked outrage in the country.

When the photo went viral, religious leaders at a monastery in Oddar Meanchey, Cambodia, admitted that the monk was a member of their group.

When the monk was investigated, he allegedly said that he was performing a charm-boosting prayer, which involves putting his hand above the heart of the woman.

However, the monk said that he did not touch the chest of a woman as the female in the photo was actually a woman who was born a man and underwent hormone replacement therapy to become a woman.

When the same ritual is performed on women the monk touches their heads.

After learning about the woman’s sex change, the monk was cleared of wrongdoing by his leaders.