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Teen fights his cancer stricken brother for refusing to give up the last piece of fried fish

By Mason White 1:07 PM March 6, 2015
Henry Huber 

By: Chan Yuan
A teen was arrested on charges of assault after fighting with his cancer stricken brother over a piece of fried fish, police in Florida police said.

Volusia County Police said that they arrested 19-year-old Henry Huber, after getting angry with his brother for not letting him have the last piece of fish.

His brother, who has stage 3 colon cancer, said that Huber went into a rage because he refused to give up his piece of fish. The victim began to feel threatened and grabbed an improvised weapon.

The brother also hit Huber with the handle of his weapon. That was when the mother came home and Huber started screaming and cursing her.

Huber was arrested on charges of battery. While being searched by police, Huber was caught with a bag of marijuana and a water pipe.

Huber was subsequently charged with possession of marijuana.