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President of Zimbabwe feasts on baby elephants as part of his birthday celebration

By Mason White 2:08 PM March 6, 2015
Young elephant illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) Animal rights groups are fuming after the president of Zimbabwe, ate baby elephants as part of his birthday celebration.

Robert Mugabe has spent about $1 million for his birthday party.

As part of his 91st birthday celebration, chefs slaughter elephants along with other wild animals, cooked them and served the meat to guests.

The party was held at a resort in Victoria Falls. During the celebration, Mugabe launched 91 balloons in the sky with the help of his wife, Grace.

Around 20,000 people attended the party. Guests were fed young elephants, buffaloes and impalas. Mugabe received 40 cows as a gift by two members of his government.

The party was described as completely immoral by conservationists and obscene by members of the opposition. Besides the animals, seven large cakes were also served at the party.

One was in the shape of the African continent, and most of them were the size of a mattress.