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Man walks into lawyer’s office with dead body and confesses to killing his neighbor

By Mason White 2:09 PM March 6, 2015
John Marshall 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A lawyer in Florida, said that he was shocked when a man walked into his office and confessed to killing his neighbor, saying that the dead body is outside in his truck.

Fort Myers Police said that 52-year-old John Marshall, waked into the office of his lawyer disheveled, incoherent and wounded on Wednesday afternoon.

Marshall told him that the body of his neighbor was in the back of his truck, which he parked outside.

Marshall said that he fought with his neighbor for some time, and on Wednesday, the man threatened him with a gun and hit his face, knocking out his tooth.

They began to struggle and at some point, the gun went off and killed the neighbor. The dead man was identified by police as Theodore Hubbell Jr.

Police said that so far, Marshall was not charged with a crime.