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Female serial killer gets sexual pleasure by murdering people

By Mason White 9:23 AM March 8, 2015
Elena Lobacheva (left) 

By: Chan Yuan
A female serial killer has confessed to getting sexual pleasure by murdering people, police in Russia said.

Moscow Police said that they arrested 25-year-old Elena Lobacheva, for stabbing 12 people to death.

During questioning, she told investigators that killing brought her immense sexual pleasure. Lobacheva has been charged with 12 counts of murder.

She is accused of killing 12 homeless people and taking photos of their dead bodies.

The woman was arrested along with her accomplice, 20-year-old Paul Voitov, who went on rampage in an effort to clean the city from the homeless.

The two are accused of stabbing one homeless man stabbed 107 times. Lobacheva told investigators that repeatedly stabbing the body of a dying man brought her pleasure compared with having sex.

Police raided the woman’s house and confiscated her computer among other items. Police found a step by step instructions how to kill people and photos of all her victims on her computer.

Neighbors described Lobacheva as a nice person and her parents defended their daughter, saying that she did not kill anyone. Lobacheva and Voitov were captured after their latest victim managed to escape and reported them to the police.