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Teacher tells 12-year-old students that his private parts is so long it can reach the fence

By Mason White 5:59 PM March 8, 2015
Classroom illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) Parents in Texas, are calling on school officials to fire a teacher who told young students that his private parts are very long.

The teacher of 12-year-old students in Dallas, was suspended after a student recorded him bragging about the size of his private parts.

The Holmes Middle School teacher also repeatedly cursed at students, using profane language.

One student recorded the teacher, and the classroom can be heard erupting in laughter as the teacher spoke about his long private parts.

The teacher told students that some people have short private parts, but his goes all the to the fence.

The mother of the student who recorded the video, showed it to the principal, but she was urged to delete the video from her phone.

However, when the mother publicized the video, the school finally took action and suspended the teacher.