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Jealous husband slashes 18-year-old wife across the face so she won’t be able to divorce him

By Mason White 6:20 PM March 8, 2015
Amima Almoos 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A jealous husband was arrested on charges of assault after slashing his young wife across the face so that she won’t be able to divorce him, police in Morocco said.

Rabat Police said that 18-year-old Amima Almoos, was rushed to a hospital after she was slashed across the face by her husband because she informed him that she might be seeking a divorce.

The woman received 21 stitched to treat her wounds. She also suffered minor cuts to her hands.

The woman told investigators that since the stabbing, her husband still harasses her. He constantly sends text messages and tells her that he loves her.

The woman said that she filed for the divorce and applied for a restraining order against her husband. The husband was charged with assault.