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Masked grandson pours alcohol down his grandmother’s throat before robbing her

By Mason White 3:38 PM March 8, 2015
Richard Alexander Coleman 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A woman was hospitalized after a masked man broke into her home and beat her.

Police in Alabama, arrested the suspect and to the shock of the victim, the man was her own grandson.

Police said that Richard Alexander Coleman, broke into his grandmother’s house while his face was covered. He beat the 93-year-old woman and forced rubbing alcohol down her throat before stealing her money.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies arrested the 21-year-old grandson, who was out on probation for an earlier crime.

The grandmother told investigators that she was coming out of her bathroom about 6:30 a.m., when she saw a masked man standing in the hallway.

She asked what he wanted, and he demanded money. When she said that she did not know where her purse was, the man grabbed her by the neck, threw her to the ground and punched her in the face several times.

He then forced rubbing alcohol down her throat and struck her again. He finally fled with $200 in cash.

He also stole a debit card, rang up $1,800 in expenses and then withdrew $3,500 in cash. He has five other theft related cases pending.

The grandmother was released from the hospital and is said to be in good condition.