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Elderly woman pours boiling water on pregnant teen during a dispute (video)

By Mason White 5:00 PM March 8, 2015
Cynthia Almonte Lira 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A pregnant teenager was scalded with hot water during a fight with her elderly neighbor.

Police in Argentina, said that their are investigating the incident after the pregnant teenager suffered burn wounds to her hands and back.

Cynthia Almonte Lira, 19, and her 63-year-old neighbor Celma Prado Bustos, got into an argument over a fence that was being built between their properties.

A neighbor recorded a video as the two were exchanging words.

The video shows Lira standing at the older woman’s back door airing her grievances over the fence. When the argument intensified, Bustos grabbed a bucket of hot water and poured it over the pregnant woman.

Lira ran away, screaming in pain and cursed at the older woman as she removed her shirt.

Bustos defended her actions by saying that it was her property, and that she felt threatened and had to defend herself.

“I live here on my own and I’m old, so I have to make sure I let people know I’m not a pushover,” Bustos said.