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Dentist tries to treat woman’s teeth at McDonald’s

By Mason White 6:16 PM March 9, 2015
McDonald’s illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A dentist in the United Kingdom, was banned from practicing after trying to treat a woman at a McDonald’s restaurant.

A General Dental Council committee banned Anca Claudia Macavei from continuing her practice after being accused of setting up a temporary dentist chair at the McDonald’s located on Cannon Street, in London.

When the woman refused to be treated surrounded by burgers and nuggets, Macavei tried to do the work in a hallway of a random building.

Macavei appealed the decision of the General Dental Council committee, but her appeal was rejected. Justice Patterson said that there was enough evidence to justify her removal from the register of dentists.

Macavei found herself in trouble after the patient complained of the bizarre attempt to fit a dental bridge at the restaurant. Macavei said that the decision to suspend her was too harsh.