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Woman tells her husband she is really an animal and needs live among camels

By Mason White 6:52 PM March 9, 2015
Camels illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man was shocked to hear that his wife is in love with camels and wants to live among them rather than with people, according to court documents in Saudi Arabia.

Now, the man has filed for divorce after he was convinced that his wife loved her father’s camel more than him.

The trouble began when the couple went to visit her family’s home near Riyadh. At some point, the husband noticed that his wife was flirting with her father’s camel named Al Waleef.

When the husband asked his wife if she loved him, she said that not as much as the camel. The husband was shocked by her statement, which she made in front of her family.

On Friday night, the husband took his wife on a trip to the desert and headed to the area where her father keeps his camels.

That is when the woman said that she was really an animal and she does not want to live among people. The man immediately filed for divorce.