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Mother and nail salon worker get into physical fight after manicurist refuses to do 1-year-old’s nails

By Mason White 2:15 PM March 9, 2015
Tawana Davis 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman was arrested for assaulting a nail salon worker who refused to do her daughter’s nails.

Surveillance video of the incident shows how the two women got into a fist fight in a beauty salon in California.

The fight allegedly began when the shop owner refused to give the client’s 1-year-old daughter a manicure.

Police were called to the Excellent Nail Spa in Lancaster, after customer Tawana Davis, allegedly took nail polish from the wall, checking the color and shaking it.

Shop owner Kathy Nguyen then asked Davis to leave and she tried to grab the nail polish from her hand.

Davis pushed her back with one arm while holding her daughter in the other. That’s when the fight broke out and police were called.

The mother then placed her daughter on the floor and the two women beat each other.

Two employees tried to break up the fight, but were unsuccessful.

Davis admitted that she became angry when the manicurist refused to paint the nails of her daughter.

Nguyen said that the child was too young for a manicure and that the salon has the right to refuse the service.

Davis was arrested on charges of robbery after Nguyen claimed she stole bottles of nail polish.

Davis said that her toddler was left traumatized by the incident. Police are still investigating the incident.

Both women have hired an attorney and plan to sue each other over the incident.