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White woman makes up story about a black man cutting her bra and raping her in park

By Mason White 4:46 PM March 10, 2015

By: Chan Yuan
People in New York, are angry after police decided not to charge a white woman for making up a story about being raped by a black man in a park.

The New York Police Department said that the 20-year-old woman told investigators that a black masked man raped her in a park on Saturday.

She retracted her story after several hours saying it never happened. The incident began when the woman arrived at the Woodhull Hospital around 2:00 a.m., claiming she was raped.

She said that the attacker cut her shirt and bra with a knife before forcing himself on her in Rodney Park. She described the suspect as 6 feet and five inches tall, and 220 pounds.

The woman had scratches on her chest.

The victim, whose clothes were torn, seemed quite believable as she gave investigators specific details about the attacker, police said.

The police spent hours looking through video surveillance for evidence of the attack, but they couldn’t find any. After several hours, the woman admitted that she lied about the whole thing.

No charges were filed against the woman.