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Police officer pours boiling water on young girl because she yelled at her daughter

By Mason White 5:10 PM March 10, 2015
Boiling water illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
Police are looking to arrest one of their own on charges of assault after allegedly pouring boiling water on a girl because she yelled at her daughter, police in Nigeria said.

Enugu State Police said that Officer Ifeoma Anyaegbu, is on the run after pouring hot water on her maid because the girl shouted at her daughter for making a mess.

According to neighbors, Anyaegbu is known to torture her maids. However, this time she went overboard by beating the girl and pouring hot water all over her body, causing severe burns.

By the time police arrived at the scene, Anyaegbu already fled. The girl rushed to the Enugu Education Hospital, where she is receiving treatment for third-degree burns.

In May, a man was arrested and charged with assault after pouring boiling water from his hotel room balcony onto people below, according to a statement released by police in Spain.

The tourist from the U.K., who was visiting the Playa del Ingles, on the island of Gran Canaria in Spain, has been on a rampage, pouring boiling water over passersby from the balcony of his apartment.

The tourist was standing on his 12th floor balcony in the area of Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas, Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands.

The travel company, TUI, initially tried to solve the problem without the involvement of the police, but the man responded by threatening to jump off the balcony, so the national police had to be called in to help.

TUI told police that the man had been causing problems for staff and other guests for about 10 days. Police were unable to open the door of the apartment, while the man took a position on a neighbor’s balcony. Police observed several knives on a table.

They tried to calm the man, but this led the tourist to begin pouring boiling water at police officers, and then on the street below.

As they got a warrant to enter the apartment, the man attacked them with boiling water. Officers broke down the panels separating the balconies and stormed the man’s bedroom.

The tourists tried to resist arrest by kicking and punching, but eventually, police were able to subdue the suspect. Officers found huge pots of boiling water on the stove and also observed that the tub was filled with hot water.

The man was transferred to the Insular Hospital psychiatric unit for observation.