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Boy hires classmate and writes contract to kill his entire family

By Mason White 9:32 AM March 10, 2015
The murder contract 

By: Feng Qian
A boy hired his classmate to kill his family, and the two had a signed contract for the murder.

Police in Florida, said that the 14-year-old boy told them that he had been upset for getting grounded over bad grades.

He built up anger towards members of his family, and this led him to hire his classmate to kill them.

The 14-year-old boy was arrested after his father found the murder-for-hire contract in his son’s bedroom.

Police said that the note was signed by the boy and his friend.

The note said that the friend would kill the boy’s father, stepmother and stepbrother for $1,200.

The contract read: “I (name withheld) will be the hit-man for hire for (defendant’s name withheld) to murder (names withheld). I am aware that if I do not go through with it I will not get paid. The money in question we agreed upon was $1,200. I will leave in an hour or two from the murder.”

The boy told detectives that he had planned to have his family murdered and then make it look like a botched robbery.

Investigators said that the boy had no money or guns, but he had thought about getting access to weapons as both his father and his father’s friend had weapons and concealed weapons permits.

The boy’s friend told detectives that he signed the contract, but thought it was a big joke.

Police said that the 14-year-old suspect was not joking at all, and that he had thought about killing his family more than once.

The boy was arrested for solicitation to commit first-degree murder. He is being held at the Palm Beach County juvenile detention center.

The State Attorney’s Office will decide whether to charge the boy as an adult. The suspect’s classmate will not face charges and is cooperating with the investigators.