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Group of monkeys sexually assault woman by undressing her while pleasuring themselves

By Mason White 4:01 PM March 11, 2015
Monkeys illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman filed a complaint with the police after a group of monkeys attacked her on her farm, police in Kenya said.

Several women in Endarasha, reported that they are living in fear of monkeys and baboons from a nearby park.

Esther Wangui said that monkeys and baboons of the Aberdare National Park, have been invading her farms in groups of 50. Last week, a woman was assaulted by more than 10 male monkeys.

They were roaring and holding their private parts to intimidate her, Wangui said.

This week, another woman was assaulted and was stripped naked when she tried to block the monkeys from entering her farm.

The animal population has been increasing because they are getting food from farms rather than the park. Residents warned that they might start killing the monkeys of the harassment continues.