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Female paramedic takes selfies with dying patients while driving in ambulance to hospitals

By Mason White 4:55 PM March 11, 2015
Tatiana Kulikova 

By: Chan Yuan
A paramedic in Russia, was fired after she was caught posting selfies with dying patients in an ambulance.

25-year-old Tatiana Kulikova of Kirov, sparked outrage on social media sites after she posted selfies she took with unconscious patients while riding in the back of her ambulance to hospitals.

In one image, with the caption “another moron,” Kulikova can be seen showing the middle finger to the seriously injured man following a car accident.

In another photo, with the caption “I hate my job,” Kulikova teases the victim of a heart attack. Her actions had caused great distress to the families of the victims.

Some have even called on police to arrest the paramedic, saying that she showed disregard for the welfare of her patients, some of whom died after these photos were taken.

Relatives are considering taking legal action against Kulikova. The ambulance company fired Kulikova as soon as they were shown the selfies.