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9-year-old girl has balloons inserted in scalp to prevent cancer

By Mason White 10:22 AM March 11, 2015
Feng Qian  

By: Jessica Brett
(Scroll down for video) A 9-year-old girl underwent a pioneering surgery to remove a mole from her scalp.

Jessica Brett was born with a birthmark that covered about half of the head.

The condition is known as pigmented melanocytic nevus.

The brave schoolgirl was the first in the country to undergo balloon treatment in which doctors inserted 4 balloons into her scalp and inflated them slowly.

Doctors spent six months inflating the balloons inserted under the girl’s scalp to help grow new skin so surgeons could cover her birthmark.

Doctors warned her parents that if the mole became cancer it would probably be intractable.

Doctors did not want to leave Jessica with a bald patch, as using skin from elsewhere would not grow hair on it.

Doctors decided to help the girl grow new skin on her scalp by using the two complex operations.

Surgeons placed balloons under her scalp on a “mohawk” and they spent six months inflating the balloons with saline to stretch her skin, using a syringe.

When they had created enough excess skin, the balloons were removed. Surgeons then removed the mole and stretched the skin to cover her entire head.