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2 sisters beat woman and smash her windshield for honking at them

By Mason White 11:34 AM March 12, 2015
Jena Elizabeth and Paige Nicole Legrone 

By: Mahesh Sarin
Two women were arrested for beating another woman during a road rage incident.

The sisters of Florida, were arrested Saturday, after they allegedly smashed the windshield of a car because she had honked at them in traffic.

Jena Elizabeth Legrone, 25, of Hobe Sound, and Paige Nicole Legrone, 23, of Port St. Lucie, were charged with assault, battery and burglary.

Paige Nicole Legrone was also charged with criminal mischief.

They were released from the St. Lucie County jail after posting bail.

Bail for Jena Elizabeth Legrone was set at $31,125 while bail for Paige Nicole Legrone was set at $31,875.

The 35-year-old victim told police that she honked her horn twice when she saw Legrone driving erratically behind her in traffic.

When she slowed down in the middle lane, the sisters began yelling racial slurs at her. They then got out of their car, beat her and broke the windshield.

The woman suffered minor injuries to the mouth, police said.