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Husband sues wife for recording him snoring and posting the video on the Internet

By Mason White 10:05 AM March 12, 2015
Snoring man illustration 

By: Feng Qian
A man is angry after he learned that his wife uploaded a video of his snoring to the Internet.

The man of Taoyuan City, China, filed for divorce after his wife secretly recorded him while he slept because his snoring was very loud.

The woman wanted her friends and family to see what she was going through on a daily basis with his snoring.

She then uploaded the video to social media sites and shared it with friends and family. The caption read: “I’m not exaggerating. It is impossible to sleep next to a construction site.”

When one of the husband’s friends showed him the video, the angry husband took his wife to court.

He sued her for violation of privacy and wanted approximately $9,500 in compensation.

However, his wife told the judge that she did not have malicious intent. She said that she had only shared it with close friends and some family members.

After reviewing the video and seeing the number of views the video received, the judge threw out the case and told the husband that he was overreacting.

After losing the case, the husband, who felt betrayed by his wife, refused to forgive her and filed for divorce.