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Man throws feces filled balloons at bar after being kicked out for causing a disturbance

By Mason White 2:36 PM March 13, 2015
Balloons illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A man was arrested on charges of criminal damage after throwing feces-filled balloons at a bar for being kicked out, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

The South Tyneside Magistrate’s Court was told that an industrial cleaner had to be called to the bar after 49-year-old Charles McGeary, threw homemade dirty bombs, causing 2,000 pounds ($2,945) in damage.

The incident unfolded at the Royal British Legion in South Shields. The feces-filled balloons, which were tied with fishing rope, hit the bar’s blinds, carpets, walls and curtains.

According to the police investigation, McGeary became angry after being thrown out of the popular bar earlier that evening for causing a disturbance.

McGeary pleaded guilty to three counts of criminal mischief and harassment without violence. He was sentenced to pay the bar 1,000 pounds ($1,471) in compensation, and was given a probation order of 12 months.