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Student attempts to find girlfriend by singing love songs next to nude photo of himself

By Mason White 9:06 AM March 13, 2015
He Chengyun 

By: Feng Qian
A college student in China, who was unable to find love, decided to try something unique.

The third year art student attempted to win the affection of women on campus with a romantic public serenade.

The man put up a large semi-nude portrait of himself with his contact information. He stood in front of the portrait and sang love songs.

However, things did not go very well for him as the women were not impressed.

The student, who was identified as He Chengyun, specializes in digital media at the Hubei Art College. He attempted to use his skills to impress the women.

Chengyun whipped out a guitar and played love songs as the semi-nude picture of himself was resting behind him.

It was not just a one man operation. Classmates showed their support by handing out flyers containing basic information about Chengyun to female students who walked by.

Unfortunately, the plan failed, as students began to take longer routes to avoid him. He did however, attract groups of male students who came to take pictures of him.