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Woman urinates in electronic store after being refused refund for defective milk maker

By Mason White 10:22 AM March 15, 2015
Woman squatting in store illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A woman became angry when a store manager refused to give her a refund for a defective milk maker, police in China said.

Xi’an Police said that the woman urinated in the electronics store in Xi’an, China, after she was unable to return her broken soy milk maker.

The woman had demanded the return of the purchase price of the device she bought a week earlier as well as 200 yuan ($44) in compensation.

When the shop manager refused her request, she knelt and urinated in front of other customers in the store. The manager called the police for help, but even they could not get the woman to leave the store.

She agreed to leave only after the manager paid her 50 yuan ($8). A customer at the store photographed the incident and uploaded images of the woman to the Internet, where they went viral.