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Teenage boys behead 3 puppies before uploading the video to the Internet

By Mason White 1:25 PM March 15, 2015
Ashley Johnston 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) People called police after seeing a video of 2 teenagers beheading three dogs.

The teenagers of Wilcox, Alabama, were arrested after allegedly beheading the 3 puppies and uploading the video to the Internet.

Ashley Johnston, 18, and his 17-year-old friend, who has not been identified because of his age, were charged with a felony of animal cruelty.

Police said that the two friends recorded themselves throwing the puppies in the air before decapitating them with a machete.

The graphic video of the incident was posted to Snapchat by one of the teens. The 10 second video was more than enough for a concerned citizens to report the incident to the police.

Multiple school students watched the video of the suspects, authorities said. When they were confronted over the video, Johnston admitted to committing the heinous act.

So far, police were unable to locate the bodies of the dead puppies.