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Doctors remove 4-foot long hairball from 4-year-old boy’s stomach

By Mason White 4:32 PM March 16, 2015
Hair illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A young boy was rushed to a hospital after suffering severe stomach pain, doctors in India said.

4-year-old Sivam Kumar was brought to the emergency room by his parents, Sunil and Munni Kumar, both 28, after he complained of stomach aches.

When doctors first examined Sivam, they concluded that he was just suffering from a stomach virus. However, his father of New Delhi, rejected the diagnosis, saying that his boy is suffering from continues stomach pains.

Dr. Shilpa Sharma decided to perform a CT scan, which revealed that Sivam’s stomach was clogged with hair. The boy was very weak and malnourished, and his stomach was severely swollen.

Doctors performed surgery and removed a four foot ball of hair from his stomach.

The father of the boy told doctors that he has seen his boy pulling out his hair and eating it, but he thought it was harmless.

Munni said that he will now shave his son’s hair so he shouldn’t end up with the same problem. Eating hair is a psychological disorder known as Rapunzel syndrome. It is especially common in children.