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9-year-old girl drives car to safety after mother passed out at wheel

By Mason White 4:39 PM March 16, 2015
Samantha and Jacey Jones 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A girl managed to drive her mother and younger sister to safety after the mother passed out at the wheel, police in Michigan said.

Now, the Michigan State Police awarded 9-year-old Jacey Jones, with the distinguished citizen award for her quick thinking when her mother, Samantha Jones, had a seizure while driving to school in Bay City.

Samantha Jones said that she was just driving her kids to school like any other day when she passed out. She woke up a few hours later in a hospital.

Doctors said that the mother had a seizure while driving.

Jacey Jones, who was in the back seat with her younger sister, jumped to the front of the car and took control of the steering wheel.

Jacey Jones managed to steer the car off the road and into the school’s parking lot. She then drove in circles, attracting the attention of another parent.

That parent jumped into the car and put it in park. Luckily, no one was injured.