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12 submarine sailors produce and trade videos of naked female officers

By Mason White 6:15 PM March 17, 2015
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By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) Several submarine sailors are facing charges after being caught producing and trading videos of naked female officers, a U.S. Navy prosecutor said.

The group of male submarine sailors traded the videos of female officers in various states of undress like they were Pokemon cards, a military panel has heard.

So far, prosecutors have presented evidence against two of 12 sailors accused of illegally trading videos of female officers aboard a nuclear submarine.

The two men, both technicians aboard the nuclear submarine USS Wyoming, were accused of trading videos with other sailors.

Another sailor aboard the USS Wyoming, made videos with his smartphone and then told others that he had a gift to them. The USS Wyoming is based at the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in Georgia.

The men were charged with conspiracy to distribute recordings of private areas of female officers. The videos consist of female officers undressing to shower and drying after the shower, the prosecutor said.