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Married surgeon hosts drug fueled swingers party for 100 people

By Mason White 10:05 AM March 17, 2015
Andrew Scott Martin 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A well-known surgeon was arrested after hosting a number of swingers parties in his home.

The married doctor of Las Vegas, Nevada, and his wife, have been arrested after hosting a large swingers party where drugs flowed freely.

The orthopedic surgeon, Andrew Scott Martin, 47, is accused of holding the swingers party with about 100 participants at his $3 million mansion.

Martin is now facing 10 drug charges after unknowingly inviting two undercover cops to join the fun. The officers who were tipped off, set up a fake online account on an adult website and they were invited to join the party.

A male and female undercover officer showed up to the mansion, where they were offered drugs and sex.

The officers stated that they left the party early after they did not want to participate in the sex acts.

The doctor, his wife Jennifer Martin, 36, and 6 others, were charged with various drug offenses after they were discovered by the undercover cops.

The Harvard graduate faces 10 drug charges, including three counts of trafficking a controlled substance.