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Soldier asks court to set specific date he can have sex with his estranged wife

By Mason White 1:11 PM March 17, 2015
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By: Chan Yuan
A woman asked a court for a restraining order against her estranged husband, who is abusive towards her.

A soldier of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, was ordered not to physically or sexually abuse his wife.

Gordon Ncube, who is stationed at the Imbizo Barracks’ of the Zimbabwe National Army, shocked the court when he asked the judge to draft a list of the days that he can meet his wife for sex.

Ncube’s request came after his former wife, Nyathi Ncube, asked presiding magistrate Evylene Mashavakure, to prevent him from coming to her home, saying he was abusing her and forcing her to have sex with him.

“Your honor, what will I do when I want to have sex? I am a man who wants to be touched by my wife. I want to have sex with her since we are still married,” said Ncube, causing uncontrollable laughter in the courtroom.

Ncube then told the judge that he does not abuse his wife, but rather she does not want him to come over to her house because she is seeing another man despite the fact that they are still married.

The magistrate was not impressed with his request and ordered the husband to stay away from her and her residence.