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Farmer who caught animal rapist having sex with his animals claims he impregnated a cow

By Mason White 5:06 PM March 18, 2015
Andy Loyola 

By: Chan Yuan
A farmer told police that the animal rapist who was caught having sex on his property, impregnated one of his cows, police in the Philippines said.

Silang Police said that 46-year-old Andy Loyola, was arrested after being accused of raping animals including cows, horses and even buffaloes.

Loyola was allegedly caught having sex with a cow that had been reported missing by its owner. Rustico Sarno said that one of his cows got pregnant despite never mating with a bull.

Police said that the cow will undergo a medical examination to verify the claims. Investigators believe that Loyola was under the influence of drugs when he had sex with the animals.

Drug paraphernalia was seized from the suspect when he was arrested. Loyola faces charges of animal abuse for violating the Animal Welfare Act.