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Women burn man’s private parts with curling iron for dating 3 women at once

By Mason White 10:29 AM March 18, 2015
Curling iron illustration 

By: Feng Qian
A scorned woman asked her friends to help her carry out a severe punishment on her boyfriend for dating 3 women at same time.

The women of the United Kingdom, lured the victim to a home and strapped him to a chair before torturing him.

Three women and a man of Scarborough, North Yorks, tortured the victim by pressing a hot curling iron and a cigarette lighter on his private parts as punishment after they learned that he was dating three women at the same time, a court has heard.

The three also mocked the victim by pressing a pizza cutter on his face and laughing at his pain.

Lorraine Earles, 47, Natalie Lilley, 19, and Leah White, 22, along with the male accomplice Brendan Teale, 27, were arrested, charged and convicted of assault.

Teale was jailed for 12 months for actual bodily harm, burglary and the handling offence.

Earles was sentenced to time served because she already spent 5 months after being held in jail without bail. The court said that Earles is “clearly a troubled woman with a history of psychological difficulties.”

She was given a 2 year community order with supervision, and she was ordered to attend the Women’s Community Project in Scarborough for a 20-day course.

Lilley was given a 2 year community order with supervision and must perform 100 hours unpaid work.

White was also given a 2 year community order and she must take part in a 16-day course at the Women’s Community Project.