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Man bites off finger of another man after being kicked out of club

By Mason White 4:56 PM March 19, 2015
Paul Rowe 

By: Wayne Morin
A man was arrested, charged and convicted of assault after biting off the finger of another man during a drunken fight, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

Now, the Southampton Crown Court has sentenced the man to serve 5 years in prison.

28-year-old Paul Rowe of Aldermoor Road, was convicted of biting off the finger of Sam Mulhall, during a fight outside a nightclub.

Rowe was convicted of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, assault by beating and damaging public property. Up to 20 people were involved in the fight on London Road.

Prosecutors told the court that the brawl started after a group of friends were thrown out of Kelly’s. Rowe was put in a headlock by Mulhall, after he tried to help a friend who was being beaten.

While in the headlock, Rowe bit the little finger of the victim so hard that the top came off. Mulhall needed surgery to repair his injured finger.