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Construction worker buries colleague alive and stuffs sand into his throat after argument over loan turned violent

By Mason White 6:21 PM March 19, 2015
Sand illustration 

By: Feng Qian
A construction worker was arrested on charges of attempted murder after allegedly burying his colleague alive and stuffing sand down his throat, prosecutors in the United Arab Emirates said.

Prosecutors told the Dubai Criminal Court, that the 33-year-old man identified as M.S. of Bangladesh, lured his colleague, identified as A.H., to a graveyard by claiming that he buried money there.

The two men dug a hole in the ground before M.S. assaulted A.H. and threw him into the hole. He then stuffed sand into his mouth to suffocate him.

Luckily, passersby heard the two fighting and rescued the victim. The defendant then fled from the scene. M.S. was charged with one count of attempted murder.

He pleaded not guilty to the charge. According to the police investigation, the victim loaned the defendant Dh3,000 ($816). One the day of the assault, the defendant lured the victim to the graveyard, where he told him that he will not repay the loan.

The defendant then tried to kill the victim by burying him alive. The victim was taken to the Al Baraha Hospital, while the defendant was arrested.