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Airport security shocked to see baby inside backpack on x-ray machine

By Mason White 9:43 AM March 19, 2015
Baby inside the backpack 

By: Wayne Morin
A 25-year-old woman was caught carrying her young child in her backpack.

Airport security were shocked to discover the 2-month-old baby inside the backpack.

25-year-old Jenifer Pavolaurea allegedly told authorities that she attempted to smuggle her baby from the Philippines to Papua New Guinea, because she did not have the proper immigration papers for the child.

The baby was unharmed and was sleeping when discovered.

The single mother was departing for Port Moresby, on an Air Niugini flight. She was questioned earlier by an immigration officer because she had overstayed her visa in the Philippines.

However, they did not suspect anything until the backpack was placed in the X-ray machine and officers spotted the sleeping baby.

Pavolaurea was detained for questioning at the airport before she was allowed to leave. She is not facing any charges.