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Man files complaint against woman who assaulted him with her breasts

By Mason White 2:14 PM March 20, 2015
Woman’s chest illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
A man called police to report that a woman assaulted him with her breasts during an argument at a gas station, police in Georgia said.

Athens Police said that the argument broke out after the woman cut in line at the counter of the gas station.

The victim told police that the woman stepped away of the line and left the store.

The 28-year-old man then approached the counter to pay for gas, but when the woman returned, she was irritated that the man had moved ahead of her.

There was a verbal argument in the store located on Lexington Road early on Monday. The argument later spilled out of the store.

Outside, the woman hit the man with her breasts and threatened to beat him up. The man told police that he feared for his life.

The man said that the woman was with other men at the time of the assault. The group left in a car, and the victim was able to write down the license plate numbers.

Police identified the woman, but were unable to make contact with her. So far, no arrests have been made.