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Liquor store owner sues customer who won $1 million lottery jackpot

By Mason White 2:28 PM March 20, 2015
Lottery ticket illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A liquor store owner filed a lawsuit against his customer who won $1 million, claiming that she promised to share half of the winnings with him, according to court documents filed in California.

The owner of USA Liquors in Milpitas, Laxmi Bhardwaj, filed the lawsuit against 53-year-old Eva Reyes, alleging that he gave her money to buy the lottery tickets, and in return, she offered to share the winnings.

Bhardwaj argues that he is entitled to $350,000 after taxes. He also claims to have a note signed by Reyes, in which she agreed to the deal.

Reyes however, said that the deal was only for $50,000.

Reyes said she won $1,000 from a Scratch-Off ticket at the same store, and she gave Bhardwaj $100 as part of a similar agreement.

The owner of the store also has a witness, who can testify that Reyes agreed to split the winnings with him.