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Woman sells smoothies and pills made from placenta

By Mason White 10:46 AM March 20, 2015
Smoothie illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A woman is selling smoothies made from women’s placentas.

The mother of two children in the United Kingdom, is now being investigated by public health officials.

Kathryn Beale produces the drinks for new mothers, using their own placentas. She charges 25 pounds (about $36) each.

The 41-year-old woman insists that the shakes are produced right after delivery. They are perfectly safe and have many benefits.

Beale has been making drinks for new moms for over two years. “The health benefits are very good,” said Beale of Wiltshire.

“After giving birth, most mothers are anemic to some extent, and the placenta is full of iron. It also helps with postpartum depression, baby blues and milk production,” she added.

The shakes are made by mixing a three-inch long piece of the placenta with some banana slices, berries and water. The remaining placenta is dehydrated, ground into powder and turned into pills.

However, health officials are concerned about potential serious health risks and tried to get an emergency court order banning the woman from making the smoothies.

A judge rejected the request. Beale agreed to allow health inspectors to visit her home to oversee her hygiene standards.