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Husband rapes his wife along with his 2 friends in back seat of car

By Mason White 6:44 PM March 22, 2015
Scared woman illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
Police are looking to arrest three men after allegedly gang raping a woman in the back seat of a vehicle, police in India said.

Anand Vihar Police said that the 22-year-old woman filed a complaint against her husband and his two friends after they abducted her at a shopping mall and took turns raping her.

The woman has since filed for divorce. The three took turns raping her in the moving car and also inserted candles into her private parts.

The husband mocked her during the attack, saying she was being punished for the legal mess she created. When the three were done, they threw her out of the car in an isolated area and fled.

The woman contact members of her family, who took her to the police station. She was sent for a medical examination and treatment at the Dr. Hedgewar Hospital.