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Female flight attendant found passed out drunk outside her apartment building

By Mason White 6:45 PM March 22, 2015
Flight attendant laying drunk 

By: Wayne Morin
A flight attendant in Qatar, was criticized after she was found passed out drunk outside of her apartment building.

The Qatar Airways flight attendant was found laying unconscious outside the entrance of her apartment building on Monday.

According to her coworkers, the flight attendant was dropped off at her apartment building late at night, but she was unable to reach her apartment on her own and fell down on the floor.

Several coworkers found her early in the morning, and took her to her apartment. Qatar Airways has released a statement, saying that the company was unhappy about the incident.

They also released a photo of the drunk woman. The company also said that the woman had been working for the airline for the past 9 years.

The country does not allow alcohol consumption. Foreigners are permitted to drink alcohol, but are now allowed to be seen drunk.