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2-year-old boy looking for candy saves life of elderly man

By Mason White 5:46 PM March 22, 2015
Shan Shan 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) An elderly man said that his life was saved due to a brave 2-year-old boy.

2-year-old Shan Shan, who lives with his parents in Nanjing, China, liked visiting his neighbor.

The elderly retired couple, who are said to be in their 80s, lived next door to Shan Shan’s parents. The couple enjoyed when the boy came over to their home and often gave him candy.

Recently, when Shan Shan went to visit his neighbor, he knocked on the door and when nobody answered, he made his way into the home.

That is when he found the elderly man laying on the floor in the kitchen. When he was unable to awake the man, Shan Shan returned home and told his mother.

The woman called emergency workers. It turns out that the old man had been preparing lunch for him and his wife, but had forgotten to open the windows, allowing carbon monoxide to accumulate from the gas stove. His wife was not home at the time, and she returned several hours later.

The elderly man is now recovering, and is grateful to the 2-year-old boy for saving his life.